Account Management
Account Statement
We will send out a daily statement to you via email, fax or postal mail on the next working day if there is any transaction recorded in your securities account. If there is any cash or stock balance in the account, even though there is no transaction recorded during the month, we will also send out monthly statement for your records.
Please follow the instructions below to apply for your Statement via fax or e-mail:
Account Statement Duplicates
If you need to request the *account statement duplicates, please fill out the "Request of Account Statement Duplicates Form" and pass it to your Account Executive or Fax/Mail to SinoPac Securities(Asia) Limited Settlement Department. We will process your request as soon as possible.
Fees and Charges
Custody Fee
Account Audit Confirmation
Account Statement Duplicates
Dormant Account Fee
Stock Segregated Account Service Fee
(With CCASS Statement)
Within 3 Months: Free of Charge;
Over 3 Months: HK$50/each
An additional HK$50/each will be applied if certification is required